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Mice created from stem cells

By Cassie Hataway | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - For the first time, Chinese researchers have created mice from stem cells, but not the controversial embryonic stem cell. In two new studies, researchers describe how they created a mouse by using IPS cells, adult skin cells that have been coaxed back into an embryonic state, allowing researchers to create any type of cell they want.

In the new studies, researchers injected the cells into very early embryos that could make a placenta, but nothing more. With the addition of the IPS cells and the help of a surrogate mother, the researchers were able to create at least two generations of mice.

Experts say this study was needed to prove IPS cells work as well as embryonic stem cells and they are not as controversial. However, researchers say more studies are needed to prove the cells can work in humans. 

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