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Lubbock gardeners learn to be water-wise

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A pretty day for a walk in the garden brought hundreds of people out for the Waterwise Garden Tour of Lubbock Saturday. The Lubbock Master Gardeners hosted the event in hopes to teach future gardeners how to save water.

Cecilia George welcomed many guests into her garden for show and tell. Her main goal was to teach people it is possible to have a beautiful garden and still save water. "Well, I think the people need to know what plants to use and what techniques to use. Our water rates are going up all the time, our ground water is getting less and less all the time, and we can have pretty gardens without a lot of water, and so that's what we are trying to show people," George said. 

George has a lush garden, so you might expect her to have a high water bill, but she uses waterwise plants, and her last month's bill was only around $45.00.  "I just decided I was tired of watering grass that was using up the water and not all that pretty, and so bit by bit I started changing my garden into a water friendly garden," George said. 

Now, she only has to water her yard once every two weeks. She made learning easy for the future gardeners by labeling each plant in her yard to show them exactly which ones are conserving water.  "I've gotten many ideas about how to do it more efficiently and how to take care of what I've got without using as much water as I've been using," Judy Hook said. 

Many Lubbockites, who just needed to see that a garden doesn't have to be rocks and cactus, can now go home and make their gardens save water and help save them money. "I think it's very wise for us to do this, because our water level is going down each year and we need to learn to save as much of our energy and our products as we can if we want to keep this looking like a decent place to live," Hook said. 

For a full list of different water conserving plants you can visit the Lubbock Master Gardeners web site.  (Click Here) to learn more.

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