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Lubbock Police Look to Midland-Odessa for Recruits

The City of Lubbock needs to hire 22 more officers for its police force. So, for the first time the department is offering a shorter training academy for experienced officers. The LPD is specifically targeting the Midland-Odessa area. Lubbock is offering Midland officers a six week training course and $1,000 more a month to get them here. Lubbock Police Recruiter James Altgelt says the shorter academy will help get officers on the streets quicker.

"We picked Midland-Odessa because Midland-Odessa is about the same size as Lubbock. They have wonderful departments. The people are already acclimated to the climate and there's not big of a change coming a little bit north to Lubbock. We can put an officer through the abbreviated academy in six weeks where it takes 22 to put somebody who isn't already experienced and licensed through," said Altgelt.

If you don't have experience and want to become a Lubbock Police Officer, you will have to take the 22 week academy. The city is taking applications in Lubbock until February 21st. For more information, you can call the police Human Resources Department at 775-2965 or toll-free at (877) 975-2964.

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