Idalou Medical Clinic

IDALOU, TX (KCBD) - For nine years, the woman in charge of the Idalou Medical Clinic has been Vicki Buxkemper, a family nurse practitioner.

Vicki says she's proud of how progressive this clinic is. A branch of UMC's Physician Network Services, the Idalou Clinic is in the process of converting all its paperwork over to electronic medical records, so a patient's medical history can get to a Lubbock hospital even before the ambulance gets there.

Even so, Vicki says there's still that home town atmosphere at the Idalou Clinic. "Right after I started I was in a room with a patient and the receptionist came back and knocked on the door and said, 'Vicki there's a man out here that's been bitten by a snake.' And I said, 'he needs to go to the ER'. And in a few minutes she knocks on the door again and said, 'He doesn't think it was poisonous.' And I said, 'he needs to go to the ER'. In a few minutes she knocks again and said, 'he brought the snake with him.' And I said, 'He and his snake need to go to the ER!' So he did," Vicki said.

"Was he ok?" we asked. "He was fine. He wasn't showing any symptoms he was just concerned. He needed to go to the ER with his snake. I did not want the snake in the clinic," she added.

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