Many get young trees from Idalou

IDALOU, TX (KCBD) - If there were a modern day Johnny Appleseed, would he live in Idalou? Surprisingly the answer could be yes. In 2002, the Texas Forest Service bought 53 acres east of Idalou to create the West Texas Nursery. People from all over Texas get their tree saplings from Idalou.

"Usually we plant anywhere between 30 and 40 different species. We plant a lot of evergreens, like what you see behind me. Things like Easter Red Cedar, Pinyon Pine, Austrian Pine. We also plant some deciduous trees, different kinds of oaks, things like Live Oak and Burr Oak, different types of cherry - things like that that we plant outdoors and sell as bare root seedlings," says forester Jonathan Motsinger.

The young trees are usually sold in batches of 25 to 30. Orders are taken in September and the trees are delivered in February or March.

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