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Texas Coverage 1.11

  • A Call to Duty

Saturday was an emotional day at Fort Hood, where some soldiers received their deployment orders to support the ongoing war on terrorism. Some 200 soldiers said good-bye to their loved ones.

The deployment comes just one week after President Bush visited the troops at the base in Central Texas. More deployments are expected. Some 25,000 troops from fort hood served in the Gulf War in 1991.

  • Outbreak of the Norwalk Virus

More than 700 students at a Texas high school were absent or sent home Friday in what may be an outbreak of the Norwalk Virus. The Norwalk Virus is an illness notorious for plaguing passengers aboard cruise ships. Common symptoms of the virus include: fierce abdominal pain, nausea, and repeated vomiting, all of which struck a large number of students from Cypress High in Houston.

Public health officials are scouring the school inside and out in order to determine the cause of the outbreak and rid the school of contamination. Debra Diehl, a sick student says," I could barely just lay down. It was awful. It was just miserable this morning."

More than 600 students called in sick on Friday morning. Nearly 100 were sent home and a number of teachers from the high school reported feeling ill with similar symptoms.

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