Slaton Medical Clinic

SLATON, TX (KCBBD) - Some small towns have just one doctor, or a nurse practitioner, but Slaton actually has a medical community.

As you drive in to the square, you can't help but notice there are two dentists on the corner. Then, over by Klemke's Sausage, you'll see the Family Medical Clinic. But just behind the square is the oldest clinic in Slaton - built in 1986. Since 1992, the Slaton Primary Medical Clinic has been a branch of University Medical Center and, since last year, it's been completely operating on electronic medical records. So when you walk in and see the wall of hundreds of medical files and those are just for back up.

Slaton isn't just a progressive community; Dr. Daniel Hadzic says he would describe the people in Slaton as friendly, loyal and stoic. "I had this ranch hand come in, for 2 days he had had a double broken bone, arm fracture. His big concern was if he could still rope and do his work. I sent him to orthopedics and they fixed him up and 6 weeks later he was back doing what he was doing. It was funny, that that was his main concern, he just 'Oh, I don't know if I need an x-ray', his arm was obviously deformed for two days and I said 'Yeah, you definitely need an x-ray'," said Dr. Hadzic.

The nice thing about electronic records is by the time that ranch hand gets to an emergency room in Lubbock, a doctor there is already looking at his medical history.

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