Slaton's support helps heal injured student

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SLATON, TX (KCBD) - It's been two and a half months since a car accident claimed the life of one Slaton man and left 16-year-old Jared Terry fighting for his life. A few weeks after the accident Jared and his family left the South Plains for treatment in Dallas.

Jared Terry is a Slaton Tiger who loves basketball, football but his heart is on the baseball field. The car accident took him off the field right before May playoffs, but left his team fighting for their #4. "He was in a car accident on May 9," says Jeanne Terry recalling the day her 16-year-old son's life changed.

Jared, a high School sophomore, broke multiple bones, punctured a lung and had severe brain damage. The accident pushed Terry's truck 50 feet and AeroCare rushed him to Lubbock. "They had to open up a different waiting room at the hospital because of all kids that came," says Jeanne, who was amazed at all of Jared's friends who came the night of the accident.

Not knowing what tomorrow would bring, Jeanne and Alan Terry say they put their son in the Lord's hands. "They told us from the get go it would be a slow process," says Jeanne a process his school friends and baseball teammates were a crucial part of.

"The baseball team came up every day while we were in Lubbock and there were some nights they came, and after they won they brought trophies and we put it in his room," adds Jeanne about the team's visits to the hospital.

While Jared was in the hospital, his team made sure #4 was on the field. After a win, Jared's jersey was the center of celebration. The Terry family spent six weeks in Dallas where Jared received intensive treatment and they learned how to take care of him.

A week ago, Jared was in a near coma state but strong enough for the trip back home to Slaton. "Since we've been home he's been saying some words like mom, and he'll say bye, yes and no, and say his brother's names," says Jeanne about her son's progress.

That difference keeps the family fighting each day for the little things. "He's got to learn to talk and make his muscles work. He's got to re-learn that and it's going to take all of us to do it," adds Jared's mom about the struggles that lie ahead.

"I don't really have words to express the love I feel from this town and the people around. I don't think Jared realizes how much he's loved," says Jeanne.

A benefit BBQ lunch for the Terry family will be held Sunday, August 9th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Slaton High School cafeteria. There will also be a silent auction to help cover some of the unexpected expense the family has incurred.

The Terry's say with time they expect Jared walking and talking again.

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