Wolfforth neighborhood receives national recognition

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WOLFFORTH, TX (KCBD) - One neighborhood in Wolfforth received national attention this year. The National Neighborhood of the Year competition awarded the local group with 1st place for their work at Frenship Mesa Park.

"This was a totally empty field," said Julie Merrill pointing to where the park now stands. A few years ago, kids in the neighborhood by Frenship Mesa Park met to play in piles of dirt. "We need something for kids to do, so one mom decided she would send a petition around the neighborhood to see if the neighbors would be in support of a park," said Merrill.

A few months later the Wolfforth City Council gave the neighborhood the land to build a park, but did not have the money in the budget for supplies. Merrill and a group of her neighbors got to work trying to transform a vacant field into a community treasure. "What we had to do is go around and ask businesses, individuals, neighbors, for donations of materials, money, labor, anything that they could give us," said Merrill.

For two and a half years, residents poured their energy into creating a place where they could meet to enjoy each other's company, and in October 2008, Frenship Mesa Park was ready.  It has a play ground, garden, basket ball half court, walking path, barbeque pits, and more. "It's a wonderful neighborhood. It's a safe neighborhood. The park is beautiful, and I can let them come here and play. They love it, and their friends love it," said Kim Frick, a neighborhood mom.

While the national recognition the park received is nice, Merrill says what it did for her community is even better, "It's something that has united us."

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