Wolfforth Community Health Center

WOLFFORTH, TX (KCBBD) - The Wolfforth Community Health Center has been serving patients out there for about 12 years. Like Slaton and Idalou, they also have converted their files to electronic medical records.

So, it's a high tech health care facility, treating about 600 patients every month, but it also has that hometown feel. You see, the doctor at the Wolfforth Clinic is also the town fire chief.

So, patients know that sometimes when Dr. Addington makes you wait a while it could be that he's tending to a burning situation. "And so when I went in there, the first thing out they were harassing me a little bit and said so exactly where have you been? And I said, 'Well, I went on a structure fire.' And they said, 'Really?' And I said, 'Yeah.' And they said, 'Well, how'd it go?' And I said, 'we got it put out.' And they said 'Really? Where was it? 'And I said 'it was your house!' She was just coming in for a regular clinic appointment and after they left, their house caught on fire. So we went out and put it out and came back in," said Dr. Addington.

The patient and the house were okay, thanks to Dr. Addington, who treated both.

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