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Lubbock City Leaders Head To Austin

Along with Marc McDougal several other Lubbock city representatives will be at the state legislative session in Austin on Tuesday. Their goal? Securing Lubbock's future water supply. City legislative Director Tony Privett says the city wants to make sure Lubbock maintains control of Lake Alan Henry and not the state.

If Lubbock keeps control, the council may look into selling the water to surrounding towns. But Privett says they will need some guarantees. "Once you start supplying water to another city or county, it's very difficult to stop doing that, if they don't have other adequate sources. That becomes a health and safety issue for them. Council doesn't want to commit Lubbock's water to another city unless we can be sure that we can get it back when we need it," said Privett Monday.

The council will spend one more day in Austin. Ty Cooke was the only council member unable to attend due to a family emergency.

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