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New images of sink hole released

DENVER CITY, TX (KCBD) - We have a quick update for you on the giant sink hole near Denver City.   At first the company that operates in that area, Occidental Petroleum, would not allow anyone near for safety reasons and it released only aerial photos.  Now we're seeing some shots taken on the ground, and up close.  The sink hole is two miles northeast of the town and is approximately 70 yards long, 67 yards wide and 16 yards deep.

This particular area has both oil wells and a brine mining operation.  Sink holes are rare in West Texas but they are known to form occasionally in areas where there are a lot of oil wells.

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Sinkholes common near oil and gas operations

Experts say once they form, typically they do not get much bigger. However, it all depends on the stability of the ground surrounding it.

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