Two Abernathy seniors remain a part of high school athletics

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The character of a town is made up by the people who live there, and Abernathy is no exception. NewsChannel 11 caught up with two women who several people in town described as the heart and soul of Abernathy athletics. The pair has been going to games for a long time, and don't plan to stop any time soon.

Football, baseball, basketball - you name it, they're there. They may not be on the court, but they are a part of the team. "A lot of times they come up in give us a hug before the game, and then after the game they come up in the stands and give us another hug," said Mae Johnston.

Johnston and her friend Dorothy Harral started attending Abernathy athletic events long before the students playing were even born. Dorothy played for the Abernathy girls basketball team in the 30s, and Mae coached the team for two years. Now, Dorothy has two great-granddaughters on the team.

Dorothy and Mae have been friends for more than 70 years and at 92 and 93 years old, they have more energy than many people half their age. "She's nearly as old as I am. She's going to catch me pretty soon," said Johnston pointing at her friend.

They even make it to all the out of town games, including several state competitions in Austin.  They say high school athletics is an important part of the community, and they try to support it any way they can. "Our gym fills up every time. You have to get their early to get a good seat," said Harral.

If there is a good game and good friends, Dorothy and Mae say life doesn't get much better. They are also active members of the Lions club and love to play cards. They said if anything is happening in town, they'll be there.

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