Nurse Practioner wears many hats at the Abernathy Clinic

ABERNATHY, TX (KCBD) - The Abernathy Clinic is funded and supported by Dr. Richard Henderson. But Jean Palmer is the one who runs the clinic every day. She's the Family Nurse Practitioner on site, who sees about a hundred patients a month. The Abernathy Clinic serves a real need in this community. Since funding doesn't come easy in rural health care, Jean is not only the healer at the Abernathy Clinic; she's also the interior designer, the painter, and the gardener.

"So I created a trauma room for our clinic and textured the walls, the first time I'd ever done that. I decorated the room and if you get pictures of the yard, I planted the flowers. Doing things for the community and this is part of doing for the community. You want to present a nice clinic for them," says Family Nurse Practitioner Jean Palmer.

Belinda, the receptionist, was actually born in the back room when this building was originally an army barracks. So there's a lot of history at the Abernathy Clinic so the folks here don't want to lose it. They've asked for some federal assistance, and hope that within the next couple months, they'll receive the rural health status they need to survive.

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