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Long time Abernathy resident reflects on 100 years

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - 2009's a big year for Abernathy because the Texas House of Representatives honored the town with house resolution 589, recognizing Abernathy's centennial which the town celebrated on July 4th.

Gid Adkission saw 87 of those 100 years. He's farmed and spent 28-years as an educator. Abernathy welcomed Gid Adkisson when he was born on July 30th, 1922.

In 1909 the Santa Fe railroad wanted a direct line from Plainview to Lubbock, and the town built that line just east of the present town site. The landowners thought there might be gold and refused to sell, and that's why the town is where it is today. Named for Santa Fe engineer Monroe Abernathy, the town was incorporated in 1924. At the time, nearly every home had a windmill. "You could just look out and see a forest of windmills," said Adkission. 

By 1926, Abernathy had 45 businesses and 1,500 people.  Most things were Mom and Pop stores," said Adkisson. Agriculture and dairy farming was a huge part of the local economy in the 1920's. A cheese factory opened in 1929, and produced 1,800 pounds of cheese daily. Adkisson says it was crucial to surving the depression because farmers would contribute milk. "It sustained the whole community. You got paid every two weeks," said Adkission. 

After returning from WWII, Adkisson farmed and says things have definitely progressed. From a student to administrator, Adkisson retired as Abernathy Superintendent and recalls the ways school has changed. "I was in the 7th grade when we got buses. They would run rain or shine," he said. 

Adkisson's wife of 65-years, Marie, says another big change is the relationship between her Red Raiders and his Aggies. "They weren't rivals back then like they are now; Texas Tech people didn't hate Aggies.  There was one I really liked," Adkisson said.

Adkisson says the sense of community has been a constant in his 87-years, and he couldn't imagine living anywhere else. "This is where I was born, and this is where I'm gunna die."

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