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Lubbock Man Escapes Invisible Killer

In December Lt. Matt Hixon, of the Lubbock Fire Department, installed a Carbon Monoxide Detector in Jacob's home. But that wasn't the last time the two would meet. "When we got on the scene we immediately recognized the house because we had been there a month ago. The Carbon Monoxide detector had been going on for about 10 minutes and like we told them to do, they got out of the house and called the fire department," says Hixon.

The moment Hixon and his crew stepped into the house, their hand held Carbon Monoxide alarms started ringing. "At that point our procedures call for us to back out of the house and to put our air packs on because Carbon Monoxide is just as deadly to us as it is to them. So we came back out and got our protective gear on," says Hixon.

Firefighters said the Carbon Monoxide levels in the 20's and 30's are considered very dangerous. But the levels in this home? "It's about 210," says Hixon. "It definitely could have been deadly for them," he says. "It is kind of scary.. I'm just thankful they got here on time," says Jacob Cereal.

Jacob and his family are now doing well. Jacob says he encourages everyone to get a Carbon Monoxide detector. You can buy one at any hardware store. If you'd like, the Lubbock Fire Department will come to your house to check if it is working properly. All you have to do is call them at (806) 775-2635.

The Lubbock Fire Department is in the process of getting some grant money so that everyone in the city of Lubbock can get a Carbon Monoxide detector for free.

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