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The Butter Butler: Does It Work?

The Butter Butler is at your service claiming it's simple three step gadget can make spreading easier. You can use the Butter Butler on a variety of things that is if it works in the first place.

To get started, I had to open the Butler and place a stick of butter inside it. Then we put the crank back on the Butler, then screw the crank on tight and roll it down until it hits that stick of butter. Eventually, it will be pushed out.

After completing the easy one, two three steps it's coming out paper thin which is what the makers claimed. I had to keep a firm grip on the Butler. It was a little rough to crank the butter out of it. It's amazing how similar the Butter Butler looks lasagna noodles.

Next, I'll see if the Butler can handle peanut butter. The box says it can. I spooned a couple of tablespoons into the Butler. I wasn't sure if the PB would do as well as the butter. But it was not long before I saw the results. The PB came out nice, easy and very well distributed.

The Butter Butler is a neat gadget, it works!

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