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Researchers find coffee may be good for the heart

By Cassie Hataway | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The coffee debate has been ongoing for years and now the National Institute of Health is looking into whether America's favorite stimulant could actually be good for the heart. Now, new research has found that coffee beans contain antioxidants which could be protective. 

"There may be some suggestion, it may be in women it may a little cardioprotective, but I don't think anyone should have their coffee thinking they're getting a benefit out of the buzz they get from the coffee," says Dr. Raul Mitrani, M.D. who is a cardiologist. He adds, "In some people who are susceptible to arrythmias, which is another term for abnormal heartbeats, the coffee can trigger their abnormal rhythms and abnormal rates, so some people who have the arrythmias already may need to stay away from coffee."

Dr. Mitrani says pregnant women should avoid coffee, partly because caffeine can block the absorption of calcium, so he says anyone with weak bones should not drink coffee or they're going to get even weaker.

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