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HealthWise at 5 From 1.16

  • Prescription Drug Abuse

A new federal report on drug abuse among young people has uncovered a disturbing trend. Millions are either abusing powerful prescription drugs or selling them to others. "In 2001 almost three-million youths age 12-17 and almost 7 million young adults age 18-25 had used prescription type drugs non-medically at least once in a lifetime," says Dr. H.Westley, HHS.

"Abuse or misuse of prescription opiate pain reliever for non-medical uses is extremely dangerous and can lead to addiction and death," says Dr. John Jenkins, FDA. Dr. Jenkins says powerful pain killers like Oxycontin top the abuse list, but the abuse of stimulants and sedatives like Ritalin and Prozac are not far behind. As a result of this, the FDA and Health and Human Services have launched a campaign about the dangers of prescription abuse and its possible deadly consequences.

  • Mini Pen Needle

For three and a half million diabetics, insulin injections are a way of life, but a new pen needle, featuring a super-short needle, is making those injections easier. The BD Ultra Fine 3 Mini Pen Needle is only 3/16 of an inch long much shorter than the original half inch needle. For kids or adults who are afraid of needles, the new mini pen needle offers a nearly pain-free way ot do those insulin injections. Plus, shots can be given without first, "pinching up" the skin. Diabetics interested in using the new mini pen needle should first consult their healthcare provider.

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