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Prosecutors lay groundwork for audio tapes in Bohannon case

Source: Lubbock Sheriff's Office Source: Lubbock Sheriff's Office

By James Clark | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Prosecutors are laying the groundwork to use audio tapes of former Hockley County Sheriff's Deputy Gordon Bohannon.   Bohannon is currently jailed and accused of helping a methamphetamine drug ring based in Levelland.  

Transcripts of the tapes in court records document phone calls between Bohannon, Bobby Duwayne Froman and others.   Froman is also charged in the same case.   Prosecutors want a mid-September court hearing to confirm that the tapes are admissible in court.

Meanwhile Bohannon's lawyer has filed a document in support of letting him out of jail on bond until his trial date.   Back on July 22nd federal Magistrate Nancy Koenig ruled that Bohannon could bond out of jail.  

Prosecutors appealed to federal judge Sam Cummings (and Bohannon remains in custody during the appeal).   Recently Bohannon's lawyer wrote to the judge "The Magistrates order represents the product of intense effort and consideration by an experienced and conscientious judicial officer." 

You can (CLICK HERE) to read the document.  The judge has not ruled yet as to whether the magistrate's order will stand or be overturned.

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