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Lubbock Mayor Gives State of the City Address

Mayor Marc McDougal says 2003 will be a good year for Lubbock, but in order to keep moving forward, the mayor says urban and business development is the essential part of the equation.

Encouraging college students and attracting metropolitan families to call Lubbock home is what Mayor Marc McDougal and the rest of city council will try and accomplish this year.

"The population of Lubbock is growing strong," said Mayor McDougal during his speech on Thursday.

Right now, almost 204,737 people live in Lubbock. In 1990, according to the census, there were 186,206 people living in Lubbock. That's nearly a 10% increase over a 12 year period.

Lubbock remains a steady growing community with big plans to development north and east Lubbock, the mayor hopes to build a bigger and stronger economy. "We have a housing program in place. We have placed about 12 homes in east Lubbock. People are living in them, but affordable housing is important for the entire City of Lubbock," said the mayor.

In fact, a committee for the north and east development project will present their plan next week. Also a big part of his address, Mayor McDougal says the city is considering a bond election to happen later this year or early next year. If it passes, then that money, which would be in the millions, would be used for community projects all over town.

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