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NewsChannel 11 Investigates: Tracking Down Unpaid Parking Ticket Violators

By Nicole Pesecky | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It's never a great day when you come back to your car and have a parking ticket on your windshield, but if you don't pay the violation you could get slapped with an arrest warrant. That doesn't seem to stop some people. We sent our investigative reporter Nicole Pesecky to track down Lubbock's biggest unpaid ticket offenders.

We got a list of people who owe the most in parking citations. They've racked up hundreds in unpaid tickets. One driver got over 80 tickets within the last 3 years, none of which have been paid.

Parking violations bring in millions of dollars to the city, but not everyone pays up after getting busted. Municipal Court Judge Robert Doty says a typical overtime ticket will cost you $8. "It appears that most of these people here are in the handicap parking violation situation," Doty observes.

If you ignore the handicap sign you could end up paying $250.00 each time you do it, which can add up fast.

Take Mary Acy for instance, she only has 4 unpaid tickets, but owes $1,100. Acy told NewsChannel 11 she would take care of the tickets and that she didn't know she had them pending.

Haley Wright owes $683 to the city and has a whopping 82 unpaid parking tickets. Another violator owes $700 in unpaid parking tickets with 78 citations.

Thousands of dollars in unpaid tickets are owed to the city on our list alone, and it wasn't easy to track these offenders down. "We send out a ton of mail and a lot of it comes back undeliverable," Doty explains. Parking enforcers don't have a lot to work with just license plate numbers.

No matter how many tickets you rack up, they aren't going to disappear. "Once they get a certain number of violations, we release a warrant and the warrant will be out there and we catch them at some point," Doty says.

Most people we were able to catch up with say they work downtown and there's not adequate parking for employees there. Others claimed their lawyer was taking care of the abundance of violations.  

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