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Swine flu vaccinations

LUBBOCK TX, (KCBD) - Volunteers in Baltimore Monday were the first in the country to test a new vaccine to protect against the swine flu. Officials are not just testing the safety of the vaccine, but how much is the best dose to be effective. 

Would you sign up to try something like that?  Turns out at the University of Maryland Medical Center people were lining up, two hundred people to be exact and they were all anxious to try this new vaccine against the swine flu. This study included receiving more than just a single shot. 

"They're going to be coming back to the clinic for blood sampling on day eight, day 21  and thereafter all the way out to 42 days, said Dr. Wilbur Chen of the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Researchers will monitor the adult volunteers for two weeks before starting studies on children.  These researchers and subjects will be in contact for the next seven months and with some kids already returning to school, the government is ramping up its efforts.

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