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What not to eat, the most caloric restaurant entree

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - "Eat this Not That", a Men's Health web site, has come up with the 30 worst foods in America. 

It describes in pictures your worst choices when you go to popular restaurants and you'll find the worst dish on the list at Chili's.  It's the fajitas quesadillas with rice, beans, four tortillas and condiments, which includes more than 2,200 calories and is described as about the same as eating nearly a dozen glazed donuts worth of calories and the same saturated fat as 44 strips of bacon.  Now, on the flip side, Chili's has been applauded for its heart healthy "guiltless" options on the menu. 

Dietitians will tell you, it's not where you eat, but the choices you make when you get there.  "My recommendation to all my patients is always cut the portion in half when you go to a restaurant. In other words, whatever you're served, you can only eat half of it. And that way at least you're cutting out calories, total fat, sodium," said Sonia Angel, a registered dietitian.

Most restaurant chains provide nutritional information on their web sites, so you can make informed decisions, but Sonia says "Eat This, Not That" is also available now in a little book that's easy to carry with you and it includes that list of the 30 worst foods.  "Eat This, Not That" is available at Hastings and Barnes and Noble for about $25.

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