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Five stores go before council for alcohol variances Thursday

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Thursday, the Lubbock City Council will decide whether or not to grant special permission to five Lubbock stores that want to sell alcohol but are too close to a school, church, or hospital, according to Texas law.

"I think it gives the young people encouragement," said Dortha Meeks, who owns a rent house in the neighborhood behind Monterey High School. It is also close to the Market Street store on 50th and Indiana, which is one of the five stores in the city applying for a variance to sell alcohol from the City Council on Thursday.

Meeks worries if the council gives them permission to sell alcohol, it could be a bad influence on the students who attend school nearby. "When they have the desires to go purchase it during their lunch period, I just don't think - I think the opportunity is too great for the young people," she said. 

However, Eddie Owens, with United Supermarkets, says this won't be a problem, "We've maintained all along that we're going to abide by the strictest letter of the law. This is nothing new to our company. It's new to Lubbock, but it's nothing new to the company, and we have never had a single problem, an issue with this at all."

Owens also said all checkers at United stores, which account for four of the five stores applying for variances, will receive certification from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. The United stores already set up their floors to sell alcohol once they get the go ahead. Now, all that's left to do is wait. "We just have to walk through the legal process now," said Owens. 

In advance of the council meeting newschannel 11 asked council members how they felt about variances near the schools.

  • Support 4 United Grocery Stores, but against liquor store
    Mayor Tom Martin
    Councilman Jim Gilbreath
  • Support All 5 variances
    Council woman Linda Deleon
  • Against All 5 Variances
    Councilman Paul R. Beane
  • Undecided
    Councilman John Leonard
    Councilman Todd Klein
    Councilman Floyd Price

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