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Icy Roads But No Rain?

On Friday morning it wasn't everywhere,but wherever it was it caused alarm. Ice. Just enough to take drivers off-guard after a night of clear skies. Naturally in the wintertime, icy situations are expected. But not when there isn't any rain. What's the source of the water?

Sometimes sprinkler systems, other times, simply faulty city equipment. That was the case near the corner of 82nd and Indiana. Gallons of water, sheets of ice. All starting from a source half way around the block. A small but steady trickle, most likely originating from a broken valve located in a City of Lubbock water meter.

"They've got a busted valve here probably somewhere and they'll heave to dig, get down to it and replace it," said SM&P Worker Tony Pistoria. By 10:30 utility crews were prepping the area for construction. "What we do is we try to get out and find out where the water is coming from," said Code Enforcement Officer Peter Kern.

Kern and his team of code enforcement officers routinely patrol the city. "I have eight inspectors driving the city. If we see something that's a problem, we're going to notify that department," he says.

During the winter, he says, many residents and businesses simply don't realize how much havoc a sprinkler system can have. "Right now it's kind of silly to spray at 3 am, all you'll get is a sheet of ice over everything," he said.

The bottom line. Cut back on watering, especially when the temperature dips below 32 degrees.

"Not saying they have to be completely turned off, they just need to watch the time of day and the length of time they spray," said Kern.

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