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HealthWise at 5 From 1.20

  • Mammograms and Implants

Doctors want to make sure women with breast augmentation don't avoid mammograms thinking that the machine will hurt your implant. Physicians from the ut southwestern medical center say the pressure on the breast during a mammogram will not rupture an implant. Another myth is that an implant makes it impossible to find a suspicious lump, the ut doctors say that's not true. Remember the American Cancer Society tells us that mammograms reduce breast cancer deaths by 66% and should be done annually by women who are 40 or older with implants or without.

  • Stretch Mark Eraser 

A new laser technology is helping light-colored stretch marks and scrs disappear. The Relume system recently received FDA approval. It's light therapy that uses a targeted laser to darken skin that has lost its pigment due to scarring or stretch marks. Treatment don't require any pain medication and can be done inside your dermatologist's office. It's not fast though and will require between six and 12 weekly visits to darken the skin to match surrounding areas.

  • Late Eating

If those stubborn pounds won't come off, start keeping track of what you're eating later in the day. A study conducted in Sweden asked obese and healthy-weight women to log all their meals and snacks. Researchers found that the obese women out-paced the healthy weight group by one additional snack a day. And they found the obese women ate more later in the day. Especially after 8 p.m. So if weight control is an issue for you try to stay out of the kitchen after dinner.

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