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TTU Goals and Strategic Plan

Growth, diversity, people, and partnerships -- these are the goals and focus for the future of Texas Tech University.

"Tech has made a commitment to grow, be more diverse, and be more student oriented, and we're concerned about the legislature, particularly the fact that the dollars don't seem to be available for the growth we've experienced at Texas Tech University and the Health Sciences Center. We're one of the fastest growing systems in the state and the worry is whether or not the legislature is going to be able to fund the students we have in the classrooms currently, let alone the fact that we're projecting again equal growth this next year," said Dr. David Smith, TTU Chancellor.

Tech Chancellor Dr. David Smith plans to lead the fight for Tech this legislative session. He says it's going to be a tough battle, because money is tight.

"We're here to educate students and to educate more. There are more graduating students in the next few years, and we have one of the lowest participation rates in the nation as far as students moving on to four year education and we want to do something about that at Texas Tech," Smith said.

Interim President Donald Haragan, a former president of the university steps into the role with expertise and confidence.

"We're headed in the right direction. We're recruiting better and better students every year, graduation rates are up. Actually, all the numbers you look at for the university are looking good. So, I think what I want to do in this interim period is keep it moving in that direction," Donald Haragan, TTU Interim President said.

Smith says another key element this budget session is formula funding. As the university grows, they need money for the students and for more faculty to keep a good students -- teacher ratio in the classroom.

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