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LISD Teachers Get a Lesson in Sex Ed

120 LISD sex educators were in the classroom with leading sex experts something the school district is trying to bring to Lubbock schools for years to come. The purpose of Monday's sex seminar is to pass on the latest information about sexual diseases and pregnancy and how abstinence really is the best education for teenagers.

Although, members of the youth commission say sex seminars are a great asset, they want more comprehensive education, but as you're about to find out, compressive education may not be the answer to curve Lubbock's high teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases rates.

School was not in session Monday due to Martin Luther King, Jr., but teachers were asking questions about sex education -- a topic that's been the center focus for LISD for months. Lubbock has one of the highest STD and pregnancy rates among teens in Texas, and everyday, educators battle to get those numbers down by scaring them with the truth.

"As a matter of fact, my opening topic, a lot of the times, is who has a STD. I'll tell them everyone does. You know that's how they have to approach it. We have a real problem here," said Phelps.

Guest speaker and sex expert Dr. Joe McIlhaney says scientific research over the years has proven condoms aren't as reliable as you think. He commends LISD's policy to promote abstinence which Dr. McIlhaney says works.

"The one big study that has ever been done showed startling decline in pregnancy rates was done in a small community in a southern state. Churches, newspapers, schools, everybody in the community encourages young people not to sexually get involved. Pregnancy rates declined dramatically," said Dr. McIlhaney.

Youth commission representative Shelby Knox and other teens want more sex education in Lubbock schools.

I asked Knox "I know you want to be taught more about sex ed. But after talking with the educators in LISD, it seems they're teaching all they they can right now. What is it that the youth commission wants?"

"We really want more comprehensive education. They're teaching what they can in the district. We want to change the district. We want to change district policy," said Shelby Knox, Youth Commission member.

"There is not a single comprehensive sex education program in the country in schools that has shown a decline in pregnancy rates," said Dr. McIlhaney.

So, what's the answer? Dr. McIlhaney recommends that churches, newspapers, and everyone else in the community should encourage teens not to get sexually involved.

On Thursday, the Youth Commission will present their proposal of a comprehensive sex education to Lubbock school board members.

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