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Protesting the Possibility of War

While troops prepare for a possible war, demonstrators across the nation protest the idea. From Washington to California to New Mexico, thousands marched in protest this weekend against a war with Iraq.

And the protests continue, the internet activist organization MoveOn, is also trying to spread the message for the United States not to rush into war. A local MoveOn chapter has started with about 50 members. The group has been circulating a petition that started on their website protesting the war.

"I would like the representatives and senators to recognize that there are many people across the United States, probably over half, that are not convinced that it's time to go to war. And my wish is that our legislature would say to the president, let's slow down and let the inspectors do their job," said Darrell Vines of Lubbock.

The group plans to present their petition with almost 200 names on it to Larry Combests' office on Tuesday. Combest is out of town. Therefore, no protest is expected.

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