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Bluetooth Device to Figure Out Black Outs

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Syncope is when a person blacks out but then recovers quickly. It's hard to figure out later why it happened. But now, a new device uses Bluetooth technology to monitor patients and let doctors see what's going on with the heart - without an office visit. 

It's called the Sleuth and it was approved by the FDA earlier this year. Dr. Renco Cataldo, an Electrophysiologist, describes it like this: "It's quite revolutionary because it's an  implantable loop recorder that we implant underneath the patient's skin over the patient's heart so that it can continuously monitor the patient's heart beat. This device actually does not require the patient come into the office to have information downloaded from it. It actually is connected through the internet via Blue Tooth technology."

Sleuth sends the information to a transmitter carried by the patient, then to a base unit.  The base unit then sends the information on to the doctor's office. It's that constant supervision that will help doctors diagnose the problem almost when it happens, without even a phone call. It takes about 15 minutes to implant the device in an outpatient procedure. After the heart problem is diagnosed, it is easily removed.

If you'd like to know more about the new Sleuth heart monitoring system, (click here).

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