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Man who filed alcohol protest speaks out

By James Clark | email & Brittany Pieper | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - NewsChannel 11 hears from one of the two Lubbock residents who filed blanket protests with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission against packaged alcohol sales permits.  

Don Workman, who filed a protest, believes that under state law local officials failed to set up the election properly for many reasons. Workman says, "I think we would want to do whatever is the state law, and I think that's the purpose of the hearing - to determine what the state law is."

Workman talked to us 96 days since Lubbock county voters approved packaged alcohol sales. Thursday, the TABC decided to accept the protests, meaning the agency will hold a hearing to determine if the Lubbock County election is valid for each individual city within the county. The hearing will delay permits at least a few weeks, or officials could rule against the sale of alcohol in the city all together. "I was pleased," says Workman, "because I do think that it's good to have a hearing.  I think it's good to have the positive side discussed and the negative side discussed."

Workman claims to have no financial interest in the alcohol issue. So, if the TABC rules against him, would he appeal? "I guess I would have to make that decision after I heard the appeals process," says Workman.  "I might, but my interest is only that we have a hearing."

Earlier this month, Workman told NewsChannel 11 that he was not the one to file a protest.  So, why did he say that if he did file a protest?  In essence he says he misunderstood the question, and he says he didn't realize that a document he filed was one of the two documents described by TABC as a "protest." "I didn't realize it was gonna go to this extreme," said Workman.

Should the city of Lubbock have its own second election?  "I wouldn't mind them having to vote again," he says.  "I do think there would be a different vote this next time."

Lubbock County Wins chairwoman Melissa Pierce fought for packaged alcohol sales and says she disagrees. "I was disappointed because on May 9th an overwhelming majority of the people in Lubbock County voted to make Lubbock wet, and so this is just one more stall tactic to deter the will of the people."

Despite the delays inside city limits, Lubbockites are, slowly but surely, getting more and more options for buying alcohol all over the county.  The Workman protest has not stopped stores outside the city from getting TABC permits. 

(Click here) to read the Workman protest and one filed by Lauren Collins.

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TABC approves protests against alcohol sales in Lubbock 
Yet another delay for those hoping to sell alcohol in the city of Lubbock - the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission decided to grant a hearing for two blanket protests Thursday.

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