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Pregorexia plagues pregnant women suffering from anorexia

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Diet and exercise are important to many women, but some take it to an extreme and that can be a dangerous scenario when the woman happens to be pregnant. 

It's a growing problem with a new name that some are calling  pregorexia, to reflect the  characteristics of anorexia, but while you're pregnant. Maggie Baumann was one of those women, after gaining 33 pounds during her first pregnancy, she vowed to stay trim during her second. Maggie said she would eat just 1,200 calories a day, but now knows that instead of eating for two, she was starving for two. "I was in the rigid, obsessive compulsive drive not to let my body get too big," said Maggie Baumann, who had an eating disorder while pregnant.

"Theoretically, a woman who had been on a restrictive diet eating pattern will have a child who is much more at risk for not having normal brain and spinal cord development," said Christine Halaburka, M.D. and pediatrician. 

When Maggie delivered Whitney she weighed five pounds and soon began having seizures. Doctors told her it could have been from poor nutrition in the womb. Today Maggie's a counselor helping other women battling eating disorders and hoping they won't make the same mistakes she did.

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