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Electronics company claims man is posing as salesman

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A consumer alert from a Lubbock security company: Custom Electronics says a salesman has been going door to door claiming to be with their company.  They say he's not really with Custom Electronics.

They say he's convincing people that they need to extend their current contract. In reality he's signing up customers with a completely different company.  So, they end up getting a bill from two security companies at the same time.  

"Basically it's a different company that's representing themselves as us, and they're basically signing a new contract with the customer and trying to get the service by misrepresenting themselves," Chris Blaylock with Custom Electronics said. 

This is not the first security company in Lubbock to claim to have this problem. If in doubt contact your security company to make sure any door to door salesman really represents the company.

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