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Pro Life or Pro Choice: Both Sides Speak Out

Wednesday is the anniversary of one of the most controversial supreme court rulings to date. 30 years ago, the high court ruled that abortion was legal in Roe vs. Wade. The anniversary of Roe vs. Wade is remembered with hatred by some and reverence by others, and in Lubbock the story is no different.

Dorothy Boyett spent the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade on the streets of Lubbock with a number of signs, spreading the message that abortion is murder.

"The majority of abortions in this country, almost all of them are done on perfectly healthy women on perfectly healthy babies for non-medical reasons, and that's a tragedy," said Dorothy Boyett, a pro life activist.

Dorothy says abortion is a biblical and moral issue, not a political issue. She stands in front of a local clinic every week to offer sidewalk counseling to patients that she thinks must not know any better.

"My message is that there is hope. If you've had an abortion, there's hope and healing in Jesus Christ -- if you repent. I couldn't do it without prayer because it's scary to do this especially when you're by yourself, and I've been doing this for 10 or 11 years and I'm still afraid," said Boyett.

On the other end, local Democratic Chair Irma Guerrero says that women deserve the right to choose.

"The 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the liberty of privacy of a person, and we believe that the United States government does not have the right to tell a woman what to do with her body. I don't believe any woman is for abortion, but you don't know under what circumstances a woman has to make that decision, and it's up to her to do what she thinks is right for her and her body," said Irma Guerrero.

With the possibility of Sandra Day O'Connor and Chief Justice William Rehnquist stepping down, President Bush will more than likely appoint conservatives to the seats. The change might mean the 30 year-old abortion ruling could be overturned -- a decision that abortion activists say would be "a tragedy" for the rights of women.

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