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Nicer Dicer: Does It Work?

By Joe Terrell - bio | email

LUBBOCK TX (KCBD) - Think back to the first "As Seen On TV" product commercial you remember seeing. Chances are, if it wasn't some fishing tool, it was something that sliced and diced. Little has changed. They're still cranking them out. This week, we put a product called the "Nicer Dicer" to the "Does It Work?" test.

They say, "It's the perfect tool for every meal you prepare!" And like those old school "As Seen On TV" products, it claims "one step precision cutting." We'll see.

The Nicer Dicer comes with two blades, one for dicing, and one for julienne. You simply put the item to be chopped on the round base, close the gate down on the object and it should squeeze through the top side--in pieces--into the attached bowl. We tried it with an apple half, and sure enough, we got diced apples.

We had the same good result with the julienne blade. Later we put a whole apple under the julienne blade and the Nicer Dicer made quick work of it.

Diced Tomatoes? No problem.

Onions worked too. However we learned that onion layers tend to spread out when pushed, causing some of the onion to expand outside the circular blade's reach. Smaller pieces work best.

We cut enough potatoes to start our own fast food restaurant. We cut bell peppers and cheese, all with ease. The Nicer Dicer really impressed. The rubber feet keep it from skidding around, even on a wet table. And cleanup was easier than expected.

"Does It Work?" We give the Nicer Dicer a "yes."

You can (CLICK HERE) to purchase the Nicer Dicer.

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