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Residents have mixed reaction to alcohol delays

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - NewsChannel 11 finds mixed reaction after Lubbockites learn there will be more delays in a decision on new alcohol sales.  It comes one day after we told you the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce filed a counter-protest with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

Administrators tell us it could take months before a hearing to settle the issue of expanded alcohol sales even takes place. Then, it could take three months or even longer for a final decision. It's frustrating a lot of Lubbock County residents who just want answers.

TABC says they're taking a neutral stance, and a judge will make the final call. That has some folks frustrated, and others saying it's the right thing to do. "We should already have it. It doesn't make any sense," one person said. 

"It should just be in the stores and over with already," another person said.  TABC says delays will continue due to three general protests and several other specific protests. The disagreement is over how to interpret a law that states a county election does not override a city or J.P. precinct election when it comes to wet or dry status.

"I think everyone voted for it, so I think it's obvious everyone has stated their opinion, so I think it's pretty silly," one person said.  With a majority of voters saying yes to expanded alcohol sales in May, some say this delay is a violation of their rights. "If this town does not go wet, my vote did not count.  I just feel like the registered voters that voted for it need to stand up and tell the TABC don't drag your feet," another person said. 

Others say it's important to hear these concerns now. "I think it's always wise to look into several things," one person said.  "I think it's important for everybody's concerns to be heard and it doesn't surprise me that there's this hold up, not in this part of the country, not at all," another person said. 

Protest hearings will be held in Lubbock County. Once heard, the judge will have up to 60-days to file a ruling. Then there's time allotted for objections, a re-hearing and appeal.  

(Click Here) to view protests filed by Lauren Collins and Don Workman.  (Click Here) to view the full statement issued by the TABC.

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Frustation is building among local business owners as alcohol sales in the city limits are voter approved, but still up in the air.  NewsChannel 11's Katie Bauer has the story. 

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