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Drivers Seeing Red Over What They Don't See

"What do you think about the striping on Lubbock roads? I think it's awful. It needs to be redone," says one Lubbock driver.  Lubbock drivers say merging from lane to lane can be more of hassle than you think. That's because they have problems 'finding' the lane.

Texas Department of Transportation Spokeswoman Penny Mason says that depends on the clock. "Early in the morning or late in the evening you get that reflection from the sun and you actually can't see the stripes very well," says Mason.

There's certain criteria TXDOT  follows to decide whether or not they should restripe a street. The test is if they can drive down a road and count ten stripes in a row then they do 'not' have to restripe the road.

Traffic Engineer David Elliott says the city tries to stripe Lubbock streets two to three times a year. But he admits paint on the road fades easily. "Our streets carry a lot of traffic, a lot of bus traffic and that wears out the stripes," Elliott says.  He says street striping is not a 'big' problem, but it's a concern the city won't ignore.  

A recent letter to the editor in the Avalanche Journal challenged drivers to go to 19th and University and witness the street striping. or lack thereof. So, we took the challenge and went to 19th and University but when we got there, crews had just finished striping the street.

Street officials tell us the best time to restripe is when the weather is 60 or above. That way the paint sticks. Both Tx DOT and the city have restriping projects set for this summer. They include streets like Avenue Q and 50th, but if there is a specific area that you think needs some work call Tx DOT at (806) 745-4411 or the city at (806) 777-2174.

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