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A Million Dollar Change in Lubbock Growth

The City of Lubbock wants to grow in a new direction. It's a direction they say will give everyone in Lubbock the same opportunities. On Thursday morning the North and East Lubbock commission presented it's final plan to the City Council and now, the task of improving one of Lubbock's most underdeveloped areas is in the council's hands.

Respect the past and shape the future that's the theme for the North and East Lubbock development project. At Thursday's meeting, Committee Chairman, Gary Lawrence, laid out the plan, which includes cleaning up the areas in North and East Lubbock that don't meet City codes, then start growing the areas.

North and east Lubbock Commission Chair Gary Lawrence, told the council Thursday he's excited about the plan for growth and ready to get the ball rolling. "We're recommending the council appropriate $250,000 a year for four years, $1 million then we go out in the private sector in the community and raise another million dollars, so we have two million to work with in the northeast to get the CDC rolling. Once we get that, we're recommending a master plan be created for north and east Lubbock and after that we expect things to start happening, and that's going to happen this year," said Gary Lawrence.

The Community Development Corporation, or CDC, would work to create jobs, expand affordable housing and find ways to cut down on crime in the area. Lawrence says the first step is to build more houses in the area.

"Rooftops is what's wrong with east Lubbock, if you get the roof tops the commercial business will follow, but right now there aren't enough roof tops over there for anybody to go build a business, that's kinda the key to it," Lawrence said.

East Lubbock resident and Business Owner Shirley Cleveland is excited about the plans. "I'm excited about what's happening and what's going to happen on our side of town. I hope more businesses will come into our area, and I hope our schools, and more homes for people, just lots of good things, I'm expecting lots of good things."

Lubbock Mayor Marc McDougal says these good things are right around the corner. "Ultimately what I want to see in North and East Lubbock is that they have the same opportunities everybody else in the city has restaurants, businesses, schools, rooftops and I think if we can accomplish that goal then we've accomplished what I wanted to with this commission and certainly they've put us on the right track to get that done."

Mayor McDougal says $250,000 a year is a reasonable request, and expects the City can make it work. He anticipates we'll see progress by the end of the year, nothing overnight, but he's sure they'll move fast.

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