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6-year-old girl unharmed after truck plows through bedroom

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - "We were just sitting in the living room, watching TV my wife and I and we thought the house exploded," said Ryan Bullard.   

Bullard says after hearing that sound, he knew instantly a car plowed through his house Thursday night on the corner of Milwaukee on First Street. "We just ran over to where the kids rooms are and saw it was Katy's room and she was in bed and we started yelling for her we were crawling under the truck. I was under one side of the truck, my wife was under another side of the truck," said Bullard.   

Katy Bullard, 6, was found on the other side of the room under her bed.  "I looked her over from head to toe, she doesn't have a scratch on her, it's a miracle, God must have been looking out for her," said Bullard.  

"At first I thought it was a bad guy, but I didn't hear the burglar alarm beep," said Katy.

You can still see the tire tracks leading from the road to the house, but Katy says when the truck pushed her bed away from the wall, she wasn't even scared. "I didn't feel it or anything but my cushion was like a slide and I slide off," said Katy. 

Bullard says he has worried about this type of thing happening before, because it's not uncommon for cars to speed around other cars as they slow down.

And police believe that's what happened. They say the driver of truck was headed North on Milwaukee at a high rate of speed when he tried to pass another car that had slowed down to turn left onto First Street.  "One of our goals down the road was to build a big rock wall to serve as a barrier between the road and the house we just thought we would have a little more time," said Bullard.

But the Bullard family says they are just glad Katy is not hurt. "I was brave, I didn't cry or throw up or anything," said Katy.   

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