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New Advanced ways to remove wrinkles

By Jon Bush | email  

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Selphyl is one of the newest techniques being used to remove wrinkles is a natural process that promotes cell re-generation. Rather than using other dermal fillers, this technology uses the patients own blood to help fill in and build up wrinkles. 

Dr. Kim Cosby, MD with Azura Medical Spa explains, "It is plasma, platelets and fibrin which is created from a simple blood draw and made in the office in less than six minutes."  Dr. Cosby is one of a very few who are board certified in the U.S. for Selphyl. She adds, "Over the course of eight weeks the patient will develop new collagen, new blood vessels and really use their own cells and their own tissues to reverse the signs of aging."

After the patient's blood is drawn, a patented process developed by aesthetic factors separates the platelets and fibrin. The resulting product is injected into the treatment area, to hopefully reduce wrinkles and to help avoid future signs of aging.  The product is expected to last at least 18 months, maybe longer. 

Dr. Crosby says there's no bruising, swelling or lumpint that is associated with some traditional dermal-fillers.  Selphyl is coming soon with its nationwide launch expected in September.  It's not cheap, costing somewhere around $1,100, but compared to other synthetic fillers that cost less but need to be repeated more often, Selphyl may end up costing about the same.

The technology used to create Selphyl is not new. It's been around for at least seven years for other purposes, like helping heal sports injuries.

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