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Weight loss and exercise

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD)-  What's the best way to lose weight, diet or exercise? Almost everybody will tell you both, but a cover story in Time magazine looks at why food is perhaps the biggest offender.  The study says exercise won't make you lose weight, and for some who muscle up, it could make you gain. 

The Time article quotes several studies saying if you really want to drop pounds, your biggest focus should be on how much you eat, not on how much you run or lift, and that's already frustrating some who've been in the business of encouraging America to get up and work out. "As health professionals, as hard as we've worked to get people to exercise regularly and then for a major magazine to come out and maybe confuse and muddy the waters a little bit, it's disconcerting," said Kim Farmer, a trainer.

"We know that exercise gives many benefits to your heart. It decreases blood pressure. It's a stress reliever," said Dr. Kristin Woodward, a physician. "At least you'll have a better way of life. You won't be in aches and pains. You'll look better. You'll feel better," said Amadeo Lopez, who knows about weight loss.  

Of course, it's important for other reasons. Dr. Woodward says the article makes some good points, about the importance of food choices, but she says this article should not be your excuse for not showing up at the gym.

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