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"Bloody Holly Festival" has Buddy Holly family members outraged

By Katie Bauer - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - September 6th will be the third Bloody Holly Festival in Lubbock and the concert will feature several heavy metal bands, but this year some members of Buddy Holly's family are not pleased and asking for the name to be changed.

"We were looking for something fun to use in connotation with an annual heavy metal concert, we wanted to do something for all the heavy metal fans here, so we choose this name as a catchy little name to get everybody's attention," said Program Manager FMX Wes Nessman. 

And that's exactly what it did.  Nessman came up with the name Bloody Holly Festival and he says the name is just for fun.  "At the time the city was battling over the Buddy Holly Festival, so we thought it would be a fun way to make fun of the city and their failed attempts to capitalize on Buddy Holly's name," said Nessman. 

Buddy Holly's niece Ingrid Kaiter feels the name is disrespectful and inappropriate. "I think the way that Buddy died in a plane crash in a tragic plane crash using the term Bloody Holly is just not good," said Kaiter.

And Buddy Holly's widow Maria Elena Holley agrees. She owns the right to the music legend's name. "First of all the word bloody in the UK is a bad word, and I don't understand what purpose these people are doing this," said Holley.  

She says she is very upset over the title and currently consulting with her lawyer, but FMX says they have done nothing wrong. 

"Bloody Holly fully falls within the realms of parody in the realms of satire, we don't use any pictures of Buddy Holly, we don't use any fonts from his album, we don't use anything reminiscent of Buddy Holly whatsoever," said Nessman.

Nessman says FMX is not trying to disrespect Buddy Holly's name. "This radio station is taking flack for something like this and I would also like to mention that we were the very first to honor Maria Elena, at half time at a Texas Tech football game, we were the first ones to ever award Maria Elena a platinum album for continuing Buddy's memory," said Nessman. 

"No one from the Holly family was even asked, is this going to bother you, it's just a bunch of radio executives got together and said hey this is funny let's name it this and it doesn't bother them if it hurts anyone or not," said Katier. 

Kaiter says the family has nothing against the music performers, but hope that the name is changed. "I understand Bloody is associated with heavy metal, Holly's not, use the bloody something else, but keep the Holly name out of it," said Kaiter.  

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