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Woman struck by lightning and lives to tell about it

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD)-  Some stories of survival just can not be explained.  Terri Mengheni has one of those stories, earlier this month, she was on her bike near Boulder, Colorado, training for an iron man competition, when lightning shot out of nowhere and struck her.  

"The next thing I know, I wake up, and I'm laying on back and I'm going, 'What happened?' Five people are standing over me and they said, 'We saw you get struck by lightning." "My forehead was paralyzed, this side of my face was, my arm was and my neck. It was all paralyzed in the beginning," said Terri Mengheni.

Paramedics verified the lightning strike by showing her the exit wound in her leg and just three weeks later, her symptoms have eventually faded, including her paralysis, blurred vision and irregular heart beat. 

Mengheni is still hoping to compete in an Iron Man next month.

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