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Lubbock Police Continue to Investigate Friday's Shooting

The investigation continues after Lubbock Police shot and killed 19-year-old Michael Cain De La Rosa. De La Rosa aimed a handgun at officers, even after they ordered him to drop his weapon. The gun was later identified as a full-sized replica of a semi-automatic handgun. Two days after the shooting, neighbors are still in shock.

"I can't believe these things are happening here. It's scary," Rosa Ramirez, a witness said.

"What you see on TV, a piece of rag in the middle of the street, somebody got shot," Robert, a witness said.

Neighbors say Friday night was straight out of a movie. Just minutes after five, 19-year-old Michael Cain De La Rosa was gunned down at Flint Avenue and Fordham Street. "I just heard three shots and I looked out the window and I saw two police running and I looked that way and I saw the body on the floor," Ramirez said.

Police received two reports of a man walking in the Arnett Benson area, dressed entirely in black and carrying a handgun. When officers found that man, De La Rosa, they ordered him to drop his weapon. Instead he turned around, and aimed at the officers what appeared to be a real handgun.

Eyewitness Jose Carlos saw it all happen. "I just got out of my car, when I heard the shots from a gun, bang, bang, bang. And I turned around, looked at the corner and I saw the policemen shooting the boy and the boy was still standing and after a while he fell down," Juan Carlos, a witness said.

At least nine shots were fired. According to Police Spokesman, Bill Morgan, De La Rosa suffered at least one gunshot wound to the chest and two in his hand. "Police were trying to handcuff him and I don't think there was any movement. And I just saw police they were feeling to see if he was alive."

The two officers involved in the shooting, Officer Chris Hennsley and Officer Brad McMahan, were placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of a full investigation.

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