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8 convenience stores near schools seek exception to sell alcohol

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The first eight convenience stores seeking an exception to sell packaged alcohol within 300 feet of a school will go before city council tomorrow. The stores are near LISD schools, Trinity Christian School and Texas Tech University.    

Mayor Tom Martin forecasts some stores like the ones near Texas Tech campus may be approved to sell alcohol by the council, but other stores near a k-12 schools may not be.

"If the law were all or none we wouldn't be charged with making a determination on variances," says Mayor Tom Martin.

On Thursday's agenda, convenience stores wanting to sell alcohol that are within 300 feet of the Byron Martin ATC, Alderson Middle School, Trinity Christian School and Texas Tech University. "I'd assume that the ones around Tech would be approved but the ones around other schools wouldn't be approved," says Martin about Thursday vote.

Mayor Martin says there are different circumstances for each store applying for an exception. "In the case of Tech you're dealing with adults, rather than k-12 situation," adds Martin

Martin says LISD and Trinity Christian School have expressed concerns about convenience stores selling alcohol. "The public and private k-12 schools they feel it's too much of an attractive nuisance given the nature of convenience stores," says Martin about the schools objections.

Council approved four large supermarkets near schools at the last council meeting.

"I think LISD was right on the money. Those aren't as big a problem as convenience stores might be that close to a school," says Martin. He also adds that staffing and primary source of revenue are two distinctions between convenience stores and supermarkets.

City planners say that as long there is learning taking place on the school property it is subject to the rule and the only exception is a private university. Councilman John Leonard says by phone that he'll stay consistent witha state law and not vote for any of the variances Thursday.

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City Council to discuss more alcohol exceptions Thursday Video included

Eight convenience stores are asking for an exception that would allow them to sell alcohol within 300 feet of a school.
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