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Makin Bacon: Does It Work?

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - "Cook bacon better, above the fat." That's the slogan on the front of the box containing a little gadget invented by a little girl named Abbey.

The Makin Bacon is made of microwave, dishwasher safe plastic.  Just stick the three hangers in the holes and you're done.  Then, simply drape the bacon over the "T" bars. The Makin Bacon is designed to hang up to 18 pieces, but we'll just hang 10, and we're five minutes away from making bacon.

A peek inside the microwave showed the grease dripping away vertically and the bacon is getting shorter. We removed our freshly cooked bacon with the patented cool grip handle and unloaded our 10 test strips onto a plate covered with three paper towels. There was a lot of grease that our bacon never got a chance to bathe in at the bottom of the dish.

We had seven pieces of bacon left and cooked them on a plate the way many of us do it at home. Take note that seven uncooked strips were really all that fit on the plate anyway. When our timer rang, it was time to compare. Both bacon samples were very tasty, and there's no doubt the bacon cooked on the plate was greasier.

Does the Makin Bacon work?  We give it a yes!

(Click here) to see the official Makin Bacon web site.

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