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Viewer Response to Consider This on alcohol issue already decided

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I totally agree with Dan Jackson.  This was already voted on and taken care of.  The entire County voted to be wet and we should be.  If the people making the polls would have put lubbock and and all citys within it maybe then we would have been ok.  Im sure the opposition still would have tried something.  I just hope it gets resolved sooner than later.  All other citys must think this is a joke!!!!

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In lieu of writing a lengthy, articulate email elaborately pointing out the facts and opinions of this debate, I choose to sum it up with a few short words. The city and county of Lubbock have voted. A petition was legally organized. All parties have had the opportunity to voice their opinion with their individual votes. One side lost and one side won, just like any election. Let it rest and quit throwing theoretical wrenches into the machine. The people have spoken.

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The vote has been cast, counted and the results were revealed.  If the losing side of the vote cannot abide by what the majority voted for, maybe they need to be in a country where votes are never allowed or recognized.   They remind me of children not getting what they want.  They will throw a tantrum and make it difficult for everyone.  Let's be what this country was founded on and let the people speak.  We need to abide by the vote.  I realize they did not get the results that they wanted but that is the way of the vote.  Not everyone wins.  We voted, now let's stand by that vote. 

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I don't see why people should go out and vote if the issues are going to be delayed by individuals.  The sell of alcohol in Lubbock was passed fairly and the people opposed should accept it and move on.  Only in Lubbock can the few control such issues while the many just sit around and take it.  Whether I voted for or against the issue I have accepted the outcome and will live with.  The people that filed their petition should have had their say at the time of vote and not at anytime else.  They should withdraw and let things move on because there are alot of people losing money.   I can also see that this issue will become another black eye on Lubbock just like other issues.  I am tired of voting for issues that in the long run will be decided by the elite of Lubbock or a small group of individuals. 

Consider This... Alcohol issue has already been decided
NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson shares his thoughts on the alcohol delay and what our elected officials should do about it.

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