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Lubbock Police will not receive a raise

By Katie Bauer - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Lubbock City Council has always made their goal for the police department very clear, two officers per every 1000 citizens.

"I think its allotable and necessary goal I think this helps us achieve that goal," said Councilman Todd Klein.   

Klein referring to a 3 percent police raise, which is a $2.7-million essentially coming from Lubbock Power and Light funds.

"I think it's a fair responsibility to ask the city's municipal utility to come forward with a small amount to the reserves of 2.7 to offset the fact that we are about to increase the fees," said Klein. 

But not all council members agreed.

"I want to address any attempts to rob from LP&L I will go to the mat to defend LP&L from any future attempts to rob it," said Councilman John Leonard. 

And the motion failed 3-4, with Klein, DeLeon and Price voting in favor of the raises.

Councilwoman Linda DeLeon then proposed another amendment.

"Reduce that force of Lubbock P.D. and use that money for raises for our police department," said Councilwoman Linda DeLeon. 

Meaning reduce the police force salary budget from 422 officers to 360 officers, which is how many officers there are currently and use the rest of the money for raises.

"What are we doing with the money? We only got 360 officers that we are paying for right now," said President of the Lubbock Professional Police Association President Lane McClanahan. 

LPD says they have been unable to get to the goal of two officers per 1000 citizens because without a raise, there's no incentive.

"Tech is back and it was Armageddon out there, we need some help I don't know what other solutions to present to the council I'm out of suggestions, I understand two per thousand and I appreciate what you all did to enact that resolution but if we are not doing anything to achieve that goal then what's the point," said McClanahan. 

Those council members who oppose the raises say the money is there to fund 422 officers, but don't feel it should be used for increasing police salaries.

"If you anticipate you are not going to spend it this particular year, it's used to balance in other areas of the general fund budget, but they still have first call," said Mayor Tom Martin.

If additional officers are hired within the next year to meet the council's goal of 422, Martin says there is money that will be available for their salaries.

The second proposal also failed with the same vote by city council.

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