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Two churches team up to make house repairs for those in need

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Two local churches teamed up together Saturday to help those in need. Members of First United Methodist Church of Lubbock and Asbury United Methodist Church spent the day helping make home repairs for those who can't do it themselves during Heart of Lubbock Day.

Linda Smith recently had knee surgery and also suffers from arthritis so it's not easy for her to make the repairs she needs to her house.

"I'm a widow and I have a widow's income. I don't have the money to pay for a paint job and having the trees trimmed," says Linda Smith whose house is receiving repairs.  She is a member of the Asbury United Methodist Church and her preacher told her they were going to fix up her home.

Two local churches partnered together to go to nine different homes around Lubbock and do repairs to each house. Linda's house was first on the list.

"I was at a meeting and I got home and on the phone it said they'll be here at nine o'clock and I screamed," says Smith.

Smith could not afford all the repairs she needed to fix her house but this morning a small group of people from the First United Methodist Church and the Asbury United Methodist Church showed up to make the repairs to everything she needed.

Volunteer Jeff Shropshire adds, "I hope that they appreciate the work, I hope they enjoy their home, again, I think those of us who work on the home probably get more out of it, even then the people who live here. But if we can make their lives more comfortable, keep their homes which they value extensively, we hope that we can help them make their lives just as good as anybody's."

Smith adds that she is grateful for the help that she received and that it really makes a difference to her.  This gift is very rewarding for everyone and the only way she can pay them back is by passing on the kindness to someone else.


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